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114 Duke of Gloucester Street

About The Building

Step into the pages of history with 114 Duke of Gloucester, a residence that has witnessed the ebb and flow of centuries. Acquired by Gibson’s LLC in June 2022, this distinguished property, originally constructed in 1774, serves as a living testament to the architectural luxury that defined an era.

Building’s History

Crafted by the skilled hands of John Ridout, the Ridout House, nestled within the esteemed Ridout Row, stands as a picturesque example of the Georgian London architectural style. Majestic chimneys, brick belt courses, and splayed brick arches tell a tale of craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse that has endured the test of time.

John and Molly Ridout

Beyond its architectural significance, 114 Duke of Gloucester weaves a narrative of notable residents—John and Molly Ridout. John’s journey from Oxford to Maryland unfolded against a backdrop of political prominence, including roles as Judge of Probate and Naval Officer. The Ridouts’ influential social circle extended to close associations with figures like Sir Robert Eden and quite a few memorable dinners with George Washington in 1771.

Ridouts and Annapolis

After helping to create the Annapolis gentry, the Ridouts remained steadfast in their resolve during the Revolutionary War and dug themselves deeper into the city. In a letter to her mother, Molly Ridout wrote, “Indeed My dear Madam you are exceedingly mistaken with regard to America. It is not at all disagreeable and as to our little town(Annapolis) I believe I may…say you would like it as well as ever you did tho there are not so many people in it as when you left.”