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184 Duke of Gloucester Street

About the Building

Originally built in 1865, this charming property recently came under the ownership of Gibson’s LLC in May
2023. Following extensive renovations to address years of mistreatment and neglect, the historic building
has been transformed into a sophisticated office space boasting stunning views and an ideal location.

184 Duke of Gloucester History

Known as 184 Duke of Gloucester, the building has a rich history deeply woven into the fabric of
Annapolis. Named after Daniel M. Sprogle, a prominent figure responsible for financing the house, it
served as a residence for numerous families and played various roles, including that of a boarding house
and a doctor’s office from 1890 to 1913. The architectural charm is a captivating blend of Italianate and
Georgian styles, with Venetian windows adding a unique touch. This architectural fusion, coupled with
the presence of notable residents, solidifies the building’s significance in Annapolis’s storied past.

Daniel Sprogle

Born in 1822, Daniel M. Sprogle made a mark on Annapolis through his skillful craftsmanship as a mason for the Presbyterian Church in the 1840s. Evolving into a successful construction contractor, Sprogle diversified his ventures, including a sawmill, marine railway, planing mill, and a grist mill, all located in downtown Annapolis. Despite his initial success, financial challenges led Sprogle to part ways with many of his holdings, including 184 Duke.