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53 Maryland Avenue

About The Building
Built in the 1920’s, this property was one of the last commercial/residential buildings to be constructed on Maryland avenue in the 20th century. The lower level changed between being a saloon at one point and then a boutique while the upper level housed the owners of said businesses. After we purchased the property in the beginning of 2023, the top floor was transformed into a luxurious apartment with great views situated right on top of the antique store.

Building’s History
Before being what it is today, this property served as both a home and business for many owners. In 1782, the building was used as a saloon under the ownership of Edward Knowles. In 1848, the building ended up in the hands of Daniel Sprogle, who was involved in other properties owned by us. He later sold the property to James Pritchard who was blind and ailed by many illnesses. As he had a hard time managing the property, in an act of love, he sold his home to his wife for “Five dollars and love.” Fast forwarding to the early 1900s, the property was demolished and rebuilt into what we see today by Leon Strauss. Strauss, a successful tailor and designer, created a women’s clothing boutique called The Fashion.